On April 6th , the fourth year New Media students from Ryerson University held their annual META art exhibition, showcasing incredible, unique and interactive new media artworks from 12 different artists. Every year, META not only aims to showcase emerging artists’ work, but acts as a platform for the new media students to connect with industry professionals as they begin their own careers.

We were extremely impressed with the quality of work by the fourth year New Media students. Their projects were filled with theory, technology, creativity, innovation and talent. LUCID, a project by Aaron Labbe, is a “fully immersive space that creates a personalized and therapeutic “dream-like” sensory experience for audiences in real time.” The piece uses the individual’s brainwaves to carefully alter the meditative sounds, guiding them towards restorative states of meditation.

This year, META took place at ARTA Gallery in the Distillery, and saw over 700 people in the span of 3 days. This event would not have been possible without the generous contribution of many of our sponsors. A special thanks to RCDS, RSU, FCAD for helping to fund this event and making META possible. We also want to thank our sponsors including Clear Channel, BlogTO, Pattison, Akimbo, Folio, and The Eyeopener, for helping to promote and publicize META. The entire New Media graduating class of 2017 is extremely thankful and proud of the tremendous success of META2017, and we look forward to seeing what is in store for META in the years to come.